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"i died for this"

name: Sherie
age: 16
10 fave bands: Blondie, NameTaken, New Amsterdams,Reggie and the full effect, Bright Eyes, AFI, the Cure, Franz Ferdinand, The Doors, HIM
5 fave movies: Fight Club, Run Lola Run, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tommy Boy, Kill Bill
Small Bio: Im 16, live in california. I play guitar, piano, bass. I love to read and i drive an escort.
why i am to die for: i dont try to be something im not, im not loud but im not shy either..im me.
promote this community somewhere: done deal.under the tray
what is your claim to fame: my playing with my band.
do you have any weird talents: my elbows are double jointed?
favorite tv shows: Conan O'brien
who do you think are the most beautiful people: Uma Thurman, Jade Puget, Maura Davis, Conor Oberst
biggest pet peeve: fake tans
favorite article of clothing: my red and black scarf
favorite song:'I ran' by A flock of Seagulls or Any Cure song.
where did you find us: I was lead from one page to another and ended up here!
what can you contribute: stay active, promote, randomness..
guilty pleasures: starbucks.
4+ clear pictures:
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That last picture <33 And your application <3

She's cute and seems genuine.

+The Doors. Many people say how overrated this band is. This may be true, but I think that The Doors made some great music.
+ HIM, the doors
+ ca
+ your pretty
starbucks rox man
Thank you!

vote & promote
It amuses me that the picture spells "you're" wrong.

Beauty and brains don't always mix, I guess....
uhh i could give a shit :)