Tricia (trixi4kdz) wrote in am_i_to_die_for,

i apologize for my lack of activeness ~ xposted

i think it's obvious most people are busy with school. so am i.

but we all have our time for vanity. i'm not vain, though. i just get bored. especially when waiting for my brother to get off the pc so i can load shit up after shows.

my lack of ass

i cut my hair, can you tell?

and got my eyebrows done. but not at the same time.

^^my pimp new June belt^^

and now my homecoming dress... which i get to wear today to a wedding. weeeee!

the dress

the shoes

the dates

my friend heather asked me to her homecoming. i feel really bad because i can't go. same night as kaler's, guy in red shirt. it would be interesting to go with a girl.


that is all.


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